The Only Way to Clean Your Retainer That Actually Works!

Retainer cleaner that actually works

There's a secret to cleaning retainers.

And we've found it.

No, it isn't a fancy retainer cleaner solution.

It isn't a dissolvable tablet you'll find at the orthodontist.

And it's not going to break the bank.

Plus, it actually works.

We're not joking around here.

Those gross white streaks of nastiness (we're not even sure what they are), actually will come off.


Your retainer will look brand new.

We know this sounds too good to be true or like some sort of gimmick, but it's not.

The secret?

Distilled Vinegar.


That's it.

It isn't sexy, but it's effective.

Let your retainer(s) soak in a cup of distilled vinegar for several hours, ideally overnight, and you'll be shocked by how well it works.

If there is any gunk still on the retainer when you take it out, grab an old toothbrush and scrub away.

It'll fall right off.

Behold, your once disgusting, decade-old retainer will suddenly look like you just picked it up this morning!

If you're wondering why this works, it's because vinegar is a very weak acid.

It's strong enough to kill bacteria and other dirtiness, but not strong enough to damage your dental armor.

Please, do try it.




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