How to Ram a Car

How to ram a car

Let's ask the question that's on your mind.

When would you ever have to do this?

Perhaps you're busting through a police barricade, breaking through a government checkpoint, or incapacitating the car of an illicit pursuer.

Not all 'authorities' are righteousness, just, and 'can do no wrong.'

Ramming a car to move it out of your way is not easy or safe, but there are some methods that work better than others and some that will minimize the damage to your vehicle.

Keep in mind that the best way to hit a car blocking your path is to clip the very rear of it, about one foot from the rear bumper.

The rear is the lightest part of a car, and it will move relatively easily.

Hitting a vehicle in the rear can also disable it--with the rear wheel crushed, you have time to get away without being pursued.

You're now prepared to ram.

What's the first step?

1. Disable your airbag, if you can.

It will deploy on impact and will obstruct your view after it deploys.

2. Wear a seat belt.

It might be awkward to fly through your windshield and land on the hood of the car you just rammed.

3. Accelerate to at least twenty-five miles per hour.

Do not go too fast--keeping the car at a slow speed will allow you to maintain control without slowing down.

Then just before impact, increase your speed to greater than thirty miles per hour to deliver a disabling crunch to the rear wheel of the obstacle car.

4. Ram the front passenger side of your car into the obstacle car at its rear wheel, at a ninety-degree angle (the cars should be perpendicular).

5. If you are unable to hit a car in the rear, go for the front corner.

How to hit a car out of the way

Avoid hitting the car squarely in the side; this will not move it out of your way.

6. The car should spin out of your way--hit the gas, and keep moving.


Pour Conclure

In a perfect world, you'll never have to do this.

But, alas, we do not live in a perfect world.

Stay safe out there.

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-Alexander @ Survival Cat


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