How to Escape From a Charging Bull

What should you do if a bull charges at you?

While bullfighting may be viewed as a fun pass time in some countries, most of us don't enjoy the prospect of getting chased down by an angry set of bull horns.

What should you do, however, if you do happen to find yourself in the sights of a charging bull?

First things first...

1. Do not antagonize the bull, and do not move.

Bulls will generally leave humans alone unless they become angry or bothered.

Unless the bull already has been annoyed, prevention is the best antidote in this case, as it is in many others.

2. Look around for a safe haven--an escape route, cover, or high ground.

Running away is not likely to help unless you find an open door, a fence to jump over (provided it can't knock it down!), or high ground of some sort that it cannot reach--bulls can easily outrun humans.

If you can reach a safe spot in time though, make a run for it.

How to outrun a charging bull

3. If a safe area of any kind is not available, remove your shirt, hat, or another article of clothing.

You will use this to distract the bull.

Likewise, it does not matter what color the article of clothing is.

Despite the colors bullfighters traditionally use, bulls do not naturally seek out the color red or any other similar colors--they react to and move towards movement above all else, not a specific "appearance."

4. If the bull charges, remain still and then throw your shirt or hat away from you.

The bull should head toward the object you've thrown.

As it begins to turn towards the object and divert its focus, go the other way.

Don't move too soon though, otherwise, it may immediately head back toward you!

If you Encounter a Stampede

If you encounter a stampede of bulls or cattle, do not try to distract them like above.

Rather, try to determine where they are headed, and then get out of the way.

If you cannot escape, your only option is to run alongside the stampede to avoid getting trampled.

Bulls are not like horses, and will not avoid you if you lie down--so stay standing keep moving.

Pour Conclure

A charging bull can be absolutely terrifying and with good reason.

Fortunately, it is not an extremely difficult situation to escape from, especially if you can make use of nearby terrain and obstacles.

If you do encounter one, remember these tactics and you'll make it out in short order.

If you have any questions, comments, or would like to share your own advice, please let us know in the comments below!


-Alexander @ Survival Cat

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